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Pros of working with a web design agency

Specialise in a niche – Most freelancers would be an expert in a particular niche that may not be necessary for an agency. This is the reason they prefer to stay as a freelancer so that they get to choose their work and they thus assure you the best service. The freelancer gets to work for a wide client range. Cost – It is far cheaper to work with a freelancer that with a web designing agency.

This depends on the services since if you are looking to build a complete website then you may have to hire many freelancers which will escalate your bill. However, if it is just one service that you are looking at then hiring an individual freelancer is cheaper.

Competitive – Cost may go sway in a competitive industry where many small companies are coming up and need websites. When you work with a freelancer it is cost effective and this is because freelancers are ready to work at a lesser cost since there are a pool of freelancers looking out for jobs and thus a little haggling can land you in a cheaper deal

Flexible – Flexibility is something that freelancers provide. The freelancers will be willing to travel to a client's location and work in an irregular time scale. Freelancers have a very flexible schedule as they do not have any commitments on their head which make it advantageous to the company

Eclectic – A web design agency is eclectic which makes it convenient to hire one agency and see all their demands being met. A web design agency will have a team where each team member would specialise in a particular niche. They will have team members who will take care of designing as well as development as well as e-commerce and digital marketing. You can thus be assured that all your marketing needs and designs will be taken care of by a single team which is also beneficial since you will get consistent results.

On going service-Working with a web agency also ensures on going service. This is not true of freelancers since the relationship ends once the project is handed over. Most of the web design agencies will offer other on-going services like SEO and marketing that helps to draw more customers to the company and also grows your business. Also since the web designing company has been working with your company for long, they know the procedure and thus can offer better output.
Broader resources – The resources that a web design agency offers is much more than what you could have got with a freelancer. This means getting a range of software licenses and a team that has a specialisation in various niches which offers more benefits to your website.

When one has to decide between a freelancer and a web design agency, it all comes down to the dynamics of the client. The size of clients business and his requirements and the services that he needs has to be the main focus. For start-up and small companies, a freelancer can be a better choice but if it is an established company then you would definitely need to hire someone who offers all round services and comes with a lot of expertise.